Carob - The Safe Chocolate Alternative For Dogs

By Chef Andrew

For most humans, chocolate is a favorite treat. Americans alone consume over 3 billion pounds of chocolate per year. For our canine companions however, chocolate is dangerous to consume and can result in serious health problems or even death. Fortunately there is a safe alternative treat to chocolate that dogs can enjoy. Carob is a healthy alternative for dog treats.

Carob comes from the evergreen carob tree, which produces sweet beans in pods similar to cocoa. Unlike cocoa, carob is totally safe for dogs to consume. Carob is commonly found in chip or powder form and is used in baked goods such as dog cakes or cookies. Carob is rich in antioxidants and contains high levels of vitamins A, B, D, as well as calcium potassium and iron. Carob is also low in fat and contains no caffeine.

Carob chips are made by combining carob with lecithin, corn malt, and barley malt to create a chocolate-like consistency. The chips can be melted down and serve as a dip or icing for dog treats, or used to make carob chip cookies. Dogs love the combination or whole wheat, oats, and sweet carob and benefit from nutrients that promote a healthy digestive tract, skin, and shiny coat.

Just because dogs cant have chocolate, doesn't mean they can't enjoy a similar treat. Carob is a sweet, healthy, and safe alternative to chocolate that dogs love. With nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and an exceptional taste, carob is a treat that your dog won't be able to get enough of. Terra Dog Bakery utilizes the health benefits of carob by incorporating it into wholesome dog treats, dog cookies, dog cakes, and dog biscuits. Find the perfect treats for your dog here.

Chef Andrew

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